"Push"ing the Spandex Envelope

By Shelly Lyons Maureen Flannigan

From the creators of the Guess? commercial spots and a former "Party of Five" co-executive producer comes "Push," comes a one-hour ABC drama about Olympic hopefuls, starring, amongst other relative unknowns, Maureen Flannigan - the all-growed up former star of "Out of This World," that cutesy comedy about a half-alien girl and her mom (Donna Peskow).

Laura Gregory and Andy Morahan, Executive Producers, created the ad campaign, "Cheat," for Guess?, starring Juliette Lewis, Harry Dean Stanton, Traci Lords and Peter Horton. Mark B. Perry, who won a 1995 Golden Globe for Best TV Series, Drama, for his work on "Party of Five," calls the new drama "'Party of Five' with color...and a lot more spandex and a lot less tears."

After "Out of This World" (1987-1991) wrapped, Flannigan, who plays swimmer Erin Galway on "Push," attended USC, majoring in theatre. "That was like playground time," recollects Flannigan on her stint as Evie. "I was just having fun as a kid and then I realized that's (acting) what I really wanted to do for a living," Flannigan says of her decision to attend college. "I really wanted to hone my craft." The drama debuts in March on ABC.

This article was taken from Ultimate TV (URL: http://www.ultimatetv.com/news/f/a/98/01/16push.html) It was first distributed January 16th, 1998.

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